Federal Consistency

The Guam Coastal Management Program (GCMP) is an expression of Territorial policy to guide the use, protection, and development of land and ocean resources within Guam's coastal zone. The "coastal zone'' of Guam includes all non-federal property within the Territory, including offshore islands and the submerged lands and waters extending seaward to a distance of three (3) nautical miles.

In accordance with the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 (P.L.92-583), as amended (P.L. 94-370), the Bureau of Planning (BOP), as the lead agency of the GCMP, is responsible for conducting federal consistency review for the following:

  1. Federal Agency Actions
  2. Activities Requiring a Federal License or Permit
  3. Federal Assistance to Local Governments

The review to establish consistency with GCMP policies as stated in E.O. 78-37, is conducted as specified in 15 CFR Part 930.

Consistency for Federal Assistance to State and Local Government: GCMP review of the activities is normally conducted through procedures established by Guam pursuant to Executive Order 12372 – intergovernmental review of federal programs, or through State clearinghouse procedures. P.L. 26-169.

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