Guam Natural Resources Strategy 2012

The Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans is pleased to release  the Guam Natural Resources Strategy 2012 (pdf format)
The Guam Natural Resources Strategy outlines priority natural resource management goals and planning information that will be used by Guam natural resource agencies and community partners to guide development leading up to and through the critical first half of the Guam Buildup. “Guam Buildup” refers to the cumulative physical, social and economic development that is expected to occur across all community sectors, including military, commercial, federal and local government and private sectors over seven years to 2014.  The military component of the buildup is by far the largest driver of growth. The strategy recognizes that the Guam Buildup will involve natural resource impacts during the construction of new military bases, training areas, industrial, commercial, transportation, and residential facilities, and supporting infrastructure.  Impact avoidance is the preferred strategic approach to achieving long-term sustainability. When avoidance is not possible, development activities should be guided and designed to minimize resource degradation relying on the best available information to make decisions.